Process server Chelmsford Essex

Need a Process Server in Essex

We serve any of the following documents:

  1. Notice
  2. Application
  3. Order
  4. Non-molestation Order
  5. Injunction Order
  6. Notice to Commit
  7. Claim Form
  8. Statutory Demand
  9. Bankruptcy Petition
  10. Any County Court or High Court document

Process server Chelmsford Essex

Having been a Process server in the area of Chelmsford, Essex we have met with and dealt with people from all walks of life and have always dealt with each and everyone of these people professionally and to the best of our ability. Despite threats of violence and having a car driven into by one Respondent and surrounded by a gang of 12 burly guys on another we have always managed to talk our way through and serve each one.

We are based in High Roding and happy to collect documents urgently if we are not already committed to another client. We will always cover non-urgent matters and try to cover as much of the urgent process serving as we possibly can.

Clarity Issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on Process Serving

Following representation by the Association of British investigators (ABI) of which we are full members the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reviewed the licensing requirement under the Consumer Credit Act for the activity of ‘Pure Process Serving’ and issued the following guidelines: 

‘Pure Process Serving’ is meant that: –

The firm (a process server) is instructed by a law firm, or in-house solicitor, to serve legal documents on the recipient as part of the pre-court legal process. The firm will serve a variety of different types of documents (e.g. County Court or High Court Claim Forms, Bankruptcy Petitions, Statutory Demands, Court Orders and Applications), some of which may relate to debts due under credit agreements, but many of which may not.

The firm will be aware of the legal nature of the document, but will not be told about or investigate the cause of action or the underlying circumstances. For example, the firm may not be aware whether the claim is for a consumer credit debt or a different type of debt.

The firm will take steps to ensure that the recipient understands the legal nature of the document and the fact that it is part of a legal process (e.g. that it is a Claim Form), but will not engage in any discussion or negotiation with the recipient about the contents of the document or the substance of the action

Full details (Link)

Process Servers in Chelmsford, Essex