Process Server Chelmsford Essex

 If you need a Professional Process Server call tel: 01245 925311

Process Serving for Local Authorities

We undertake process serving on behalf of Local Authorities and Housing Associations and understand your needs, the need for urgency and a professional, assertive approach whilst maintaining compassion for those who are being served. Based locally you would be dealing directly with the people serving your documents. We can provide an initial attendance within 24 hours. For urgent matters sometimes the same day subject to workload. This would be followed up by a further attempt, if necessary, all within our fixed fee. To request an estimate please email: or call 01245 925311.

Process Server for Solicitors

If you need a process server to serve someone personally, we will send you an estimate based on two visits, (Minimum fee) get the documents served quickly for you, usually within 24 hours. We will then provide proof of service in the form of a Statement or certificate of service. We will provide you with updates after each attendance together with a time stamped image of each call. To request an estimate please email: or call 01245 925311.

Process Server for Private Individuals

We also cater for private clients and would be more than happy to assist you with any documents that require to be served personally. Please contact us in due course and we will provide you with a fixed fee estimate by email upon receipt of your call.

KSM Process Servers are a reputable, well-established company since 1989.

Frequent Questions and Answers

  • What do you need to serve someone

Obviously, the documents for service, together with a complete copy set to exhibit to the proof of service, statement, or certificate of service. An address where the individual can be found. Work hours of engagement, to save any wasted calls. Details of their car to aid identification and in an ideal world a very good description or photograph of the person to be served.

  • Does the UK have process servers?

Yes, the UK has many process servers who can personally serve legal documents issued both here in the UK and international papers from abroad.

  • What does it cost to hire a process server?

KSM charge a fixed fee, that covers two visits, all the mileage, service time, preparation of a proof of service in the form of a Statement or certificate of service. There are no hidden charges, and we are always happy to discuss your specific case with you. We can also prepare an Affidavit if you require one although there is an additional fee as this will incur further time, mileage, parking and a swear fee, charged by the solicitor before whom we must swear the document. Most matters however are now delt with by means of a statement or certificate of service as mentioned above, inclusive of the fixed fee.

  • Can someone refuse to be served papers?

No, once the individual being served identifies themselves or is recognised from a description or photograph, they are then legally served once they are made aware of the nature of the documents.
If they still refuse to take the documents, they are then left in their presence.

            Will I be regally Updated:

We will update you following any attendances made to the service address, we will immediately confirm when we have personally served the documents.

            What will I get as proof of service:

We will provide you with a statement or a certificate service within the fixed fee. If you require an Affidavit of service, then we will provide one for you. Affidavits however are not inclusive of our fixed fee as there are additional costs involved. 

Where is the County Court in Chelmsford, Essex

Chelmsford County & Family Proceedings Court
Priory Place
New London Road
DX: 97660
Telephone: 0844 892 4000


I have been a Process Server for 41 years. However, KSM Investigations was formed 1989 and has run successfully since that time. We carry out Process Serving throughout Chelmsford and the county of Essex and nearby counties.

Fixed Fee Process Server

We will act on your specific instructions, quickly and professionally. We aim to deal with all matters within 24 hours or sooner.

Process Server

Looking for a local Process Server Near Me?

We are a local Process Serving firm based in CHELMSFORD, We are suitably based to cover Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and London. 

Process Server based in Chelmsford

Therefore, we don’t just advertise that we cover Chelmsford. As said we live and work in the area.

If you typed into Google the search term ‘Local Process Server near me’ then that is one reason we have shown up as we are local to your search.

Call or email us:  01245 925311 or email:

Personal Service is usually completed within 24 hours or sooner. This of course is subject to the person we need to serve being available for service. To speed thing up we accept most documents via email: We Will print the documents at no extra charge.

Once Personal service has been duly completed we will send you a Statement or Certificate of Service signed by email. The original will be posted back to you by first class post.

Chelmsford Process Servers (KSM Investigations) are full members of the ASSOCIATION OF BRITSH INVESTIGATORS (ABI).

Unsociable Hours

Are inclusive of our fixed price. We will make any necessary call at any time in an effort to meet with the Respondent or Debtor to get them served Personally on your behalf.

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