Surveillance is the art of observing and following someone without their knowledge.

Surveillance is a key skill and what better way of tracing an individual or testing their story than the evidence of the eyes of a trained and experienced observer.

We are based in the Chelmsford area of Essex and can assist you throughout the Essex and the surrounding areas.


Observation teams are common and have always been used by organisations such as and for example, MI5, Police, Intelligence Agencies, Customs and Excise and now even the DHSS use teams to catch out people fraudulently claiming benefits.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS generally work in the private sector and there are many DETECTIVE AGENCIES now working throughout the UK

Private Investigator
Surveillance Teams 100% Discreet covert surveillance for infidelity and matters of the heart

Often private security agencies, staffed by ex-military, Police and often with a services background are employed by private individuals, Private companies, Insurance companies and Solicitors to monitor individuals for various reasons. An employer may want someone observed whilst they are on sick leave and claiming Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to see if they are as sick as they claim. A wife or husband may want their respective partners observed to confirm any signs of infidelity. Detective Agencies are used by a variety of clients even journalists are employing  teams to gain intelligence and photographic evidence of someone within the public eye.

KSM have been employed over a 32 year period to gain evidence for but not limited to: Infidelity, Personal Injury, theft, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

Often our clients don’t have budgets to even come close to Government Agencies and therefore each case we take on is generally budget driven. PI’s often have to carry out covert observations with as few as two operatives unless the client has the budget to employee a team.

Types of Surveillance

There are four general types of surveillance well five if you include Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) the short wording is ‘Bug Sweep’ and they are as follows: Static, Mobile, Progressive and Technical Surveillance. Most operations are a mixture of all four and sometimes TSCM.


This is what most people are thinking when they hear the words ‘Mobile Surveillance’. This is often a team following a subject around 24/7 or for set hours either on foot or in a vehicle.The person being observed is mobile and moves from place to place by various means. Often mobile subjects are also tracked by gps


This is more like stages of very discreet observations during the course of a week, month or more. In other words the team would follow a subject a short distance each time they are observed. Each time they follow them they get them to a further point along the route or wait and pick then up from a previous point they have been followed to. This cuts the risk of being compromised and is only usually done if a subject is ‘Surveillance Aware’ or showing signs of doing some sort of Counter. 

Each time the team get further and further until they reach the address of interest. As said by carrying the task that way the team is less likely to be detected. Having said that this type of observing someone is usually only carried out by the Police and or Special forces who maybe interested in someone like a Terrorist. Someone who have reason not to be followed and be looking from the off. It would be very rear for a Detective Agency to observe anyone as this due simply to cost.


This is generally carried out with the aid of either a premises opposite the subject address, a remote camera or from the rear of a vehicle.

This type of observation is often used when one of our clients has an interest in some particular premises, a House, Warehouse or an office perhaps. We often use a static vehicle and observe the premises from the rear of a vehicle when trying to prove something like Cohabitation. We don’t have the luxury of having a Government budget. Often we won’t have a spare bedroom or office opposite the subject address we can use.

The premises or vehicle used to observe the subject address is generally referred to as an (OP) Observation Position or point. Often we are not lucky enough to have a nice warm building or car to sit in. Sometimes we will have to camouflage an Agent and conceal him in a bush opposite the address. Placing someone in a bush opposite an address is referred to as a Green Op. This is called close or rural surveillance. This can of course be dangerous due to Dog walkers and other Animals who may give us away. Therefore locations have to be carefully selected.

We have in the past dressed as a homeless person and sat opposite a difficult address with a small Dog, Cap and a sleeping bag. Doorways have been used previously by our agents dressed as a homeless people. When all other means have failed to allow us to get eyes on a door thinking outside the box is the only option.

There was a case a back in 1985 when the M25 road-rage murderer, Kenny Noye was being kept under close surveillance. The Police officer was found by Noye in his garden and stabbed to death. Close surveillance can be very dangerous as this case shows.


This is the use of a device that allows us to track the subject’s vehicle.

There is now a range of devices available both to the Intelligence services and now to private security companies such as ours. Some of these can be quite sophisticated allowing our Agents to monitor the subject’s movements from his laptop, ipad or even his/her smart phone displaying the subject’s movements on a map. GPS Vehicle tracking devices are only for the use of the surveillance team and the data is and will not be provided to clients. The GOS is an aid to surveillance and for only the team conducting the surveillance please read our GPS Page.

Having been in the Surveillance Industry for 32 years our team have the experience needed. We have some of the latest equipment. We are based in Essex although we take on tasks throughout the UK and sometimes abroad.

Surveillance can be used for but is not limited to,  Matrimonial Surveillance. Infidelity, Cohabitation evidence, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Directorship disputes, Garden Leave, Personal Injury cases, employee sickness.

KSM Investigations will get the evidence needed. We back all our reports up with Time and Date stamped photos.

Our organisation will get to the truth. We have experienced male and female operatives. Our Agents usually work in teams of two or more depending on the type of enquiry. This then enables the us to remain covert whilst observing the subject.

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We have some of the best equipment available on the market and the most experienced operatives working with us.

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