Process Server


Process Server with over 32 years experience in the industry serving legal documents for many local Solicitors and private individuals, we are available to assist you with any legal documents you may need serve upon an individual or Company.

Process Server, County & High Court documents served by experienced Process Server


We are registered with the Association of British Investigators, ‘ABI’ who are endorsed by the Law Society.


Local Process Servers based in Chelmsford, covering Essex and the surrounding areas.

We are a well established company providing a service to the legal profession.

As we are located in Chelmsford, Essex. We are ideally located to cover, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and some of London.



If you require legal documents served out of our area we have Agents throughout the UK all of whom are ‘ABI’ Members.

We do not instruct anyone who is not a member of the ‘ABI’ and suitably experienced.

Therefore anyone we instruct out of our usual local area are as we are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, Registered with the ICO’, Been Criminal Check, Taken a course and been interviewed by their peers.


If you are a private individual and you require the services of a professional Process Server to serve any form of legal Process on your behalf please call us for assistance.

We cannot provide legal advice and suggest you seek assistance from a suitably qualified Solicitor, however we are very capable of serving any legal County or High Court documents that have been issued by the Court on your behalf.


Having been Process Serving for many years we have the necessary skills to personally serve any individual or Company. We are smart, polite, friendly & above all else Professional.

We have over the years personally served people from all walks of life.

There are some people who will on occasions try to evade Personal Service. We understand the rules of substituted service however we will always go over and above to bring any legal documents to the attention of the relevant person.


We work 24/7 and if we need to serve someone who leaves at 5AM then we will be outside the of time so as not to miss the opportunity to get the documents personally served. If the debtor or Respondent is only at an address on a Sunday, then we will make an attendance.

If you require the services of a Process Server – 07944 512578

Often our clients will ask us to serve someone personally out of the area, as they particularly want us to carry out the task as over the years they have grown to trust us to do a Professional job and if that is the case we are happy to travel on a time and mileage basis.


• Applications
• Non-Molestation Orders
• Injunction Orders
• Order for Oral Examination
• Charging Order
• Statutory Demands
• Bankruptcy Petitions
• Winding-Up-Petitions
• Family Proceedings (Any)
• Divorce Petition
• Claim Forms
• Witness Summons
• Judgement Summons Letters

Once you have instructed us we will collect the documents from your office or Court of issue, unless sent via Post, Courier or email.

We advise you when we are in possession of the documents after they have been checked by us to make sure we have all the necessary documents for service, inclusive of all copies for our Statement or Affidavit of Service.

We will make an immediate attendance and enquiries at the address or addresses provided for the purpose of meeting with the Respondent or Defendant at the earliest opportunity.

We will update you of our progress by telephone or email immediately.

Once Personal Service has been completed we will immediately confirm that our Process Server has served the documents personally and at what time, date and address they were served.

We will notify your client directly if the Process Server has to serve the documents out of office hours subject to this being agreed before hand of course. Some of our more regular clients ask us to report by telephone or email directly to their clients if out of hours. This is more common with Injunction Orders where there is a need for the Petitioner or Applicant to be made aware as soon as possible.

We will send a full report within less than 24 hours in relation to the matter, together with a suitable Statement or Affidavit of Service, exhibiting the copy documents. All will be sent via email (All documents password protected) and thereafter all originals will be sent 1st class post or delivered by hand.

If we are serving an Injunction Order and the Police need to have a copy on file we will attend at the relevant Police Station and Serve the duty desk officer with a copy of the documents we have served upon the Respondent. We will also fill out a Statement of service to leave with the Police confirming Service and our contact details. This will be done immediately after personal service usually within 60 minutes of personal service, traffic and distance permitting.

With any Process job we will advise you of our progress from start to finish and you will never be left in the dark wondering what is happening and if the person or company have been served.

We will be contactable throughout to take any further instructions.FULL MEMBERS OF THE ‘ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH INVESTIGATORS’ ENDORSED BY THE LAW SOCIETY

Full Members of the Association of British Investigators