KSM Investigations

KSM Investigations are a Private Investigator Agency with over 32 years of Experience. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex.

We will never hard sell you, free friendly advise only

We specialise in Covert Surveillance, Process Serving and Trace Enquiries and are suitably located to cover Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the North & Central London Areas.

Each case is dealt with on it’s own merit and a bespoke service is tailored to each and every case. We are contactable throughout your investigation and will keep you updated every step of the way. We will Provide you with a written estimate of costs prior to any work.

KSM Investigations will never phone you back as we wouldn’t want to make it awkward for you.

Our clients are generally Private Individuals, Businesses, Solicitors or Insurance companies.

If you have issues with someone who may not be being as honest as they could be, We can help. Covert surveillance maybe the only option left to gain the evidence you need.

Private Investigator

Currently there is no licensing in place for Private Investigators, Detective Agencies. Some would have you believe there is, that is simply not true. Some are licensed for Close Protection however that umbrella does not cover, Private Detective Agencies.

In time we are sure licensing will come into effect, however as said not as yet. KSM Investigations/I am a full members of the Association of Private Investigators, (ABI) we hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to £1M, We are Police checked and hold a current ICO certificate all which can be checked easily. We are a professional company and use only experienced investigators already working within the industry and with many years of experience.

Call now for Advice and quote Tel: +44 (0) 1245 925311

If you believe there maybe infidelity within your own marriage or relationship then we can confirm if this is the case. We Specialise in all forms of covert surveillance from Infidelity, Personal injury, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and theft and more. If you have a genuine reason for keeping someone under surveillance to gain evidence of their movements call the Private Investigator who actually has 32 years experience and still carries out all surveillance tasks in house.

As said above we did some research on keywords within the Google search engine and our findings for the two main phrases were as follows: ‘Private Investigators’, 340,000, ‘Private Detective’ 3,500,00. Most of the companies trading as a ‘Detective Agency‘ are offering various services to their Private and commercial clients.

Often companies make claims of being, ‘The Best’ – ‘The number one Detective Agency’ – ‘UK’s leading Investigation team’ all of which are of course exaggerated. We are not sure exactly who is making them ‘number one’ and ‘The best’?

As far as we are aware no one is voting for them. We are sure their private clients are not happy to state on someone’s web page that they used a Private Detective to gain proof of Infidelity within their marriage. After all do they not also state that they are 100% Discreet? If they are so discreet how are they going to back up their claims and testimonials from supposedly Private Clients who in our experience want to remain annonomous.

KSM Investigations dont have testimonials on our pages for the said above reason as of course everything we deal with is ‘Private and Confidential’ as it should be.

If you want to hire a Private Investigator we suggest you choose wisely. We build and write our own Web Pages. We could of course put whatever we like on to each and every page! So be careful who you employee to carry out your discreet surveillance as it could otherwise all go terribly wrong.

As an established Private Investigator we feel we should offer the services that we are capable of doing in house and we do offer 100% discretion.

100% Professional & Confidential

Do your own checks before you engage any company off the internet. Check Domain names see who owns the Domain. See how old the Domain is. Check back on old directories if you have them to hand we used to advertise in the yellow pages back in 1989 as KSM Investigations. Try Thompsons back issues etc. Phone a few Private Investigators and have a list of questions to ask them. What do you charge, get a straight answer, How much experience have you got. When they answer ask them if they are going to carry out your task? If not who is and what experience has the person they are going to engage on your behalf? Don’t just accept what your being told if your not 100% comfortable with the person your talking with or if they start to pressurise you into a sale then move on.

We never give our clients any kind of pressure, we will talk with you, advise you and let you think about your decision and make your own mind up. We will not ring you back or chase you for an answer. If you decide to think about it and decide not to go ahead then that is fine. The last thing you need is someone putting pressure on you especially if your an emotional wreck at the time due to the stress of your matrimonial affairs. We get it we have dealt with 1000’s of clients over the years and totally understand you don’t need any extra pressure.

Just because a company is at the top of Google does not make them the ‘BEST’ at what they do. It means they are either very good at Optimising their site (SEO) or they are paying a lot of money a month to be on the paid Adds at the top of the page. They are good at marketing themselves. However there is a lot of difference between marketing and being a good Investigator or surveillance operative.

Established 1990, as a surveillance company carrying out private covert surveillance upon individuals for the purpose of gaining professional evidence on behalf of our clients.

We carry out surveillance as private Investigators in but not limited to the following areas:  Infidelity, cohabitation, Cheating Partners, Matrimonial enquiries, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), as well as Personal Injury.

KSM Investigations, Discreet, Professional, local Private Investigators

We believe it is best to stick to what you know and understand. We could of course make more money by offering many services on our website however all we would do is sub the work out  to someone who offered that service. The price would then be inflated. We believe in giving value for money to our clients and if we are unable to assist we will gladly recommend one of our colleagues out there who do offer specific Service you require.

We are a genuinely established surveillance company and have been in the industry for over 32 years. We don’t just state we have been around 32 years we can provide proof if required for any genuine client by way of accounts. We have accounts in our office going back to 2000 and can certainly get a letter from our Accountants going back to when we started as we have had the same firm of accountants since that time. 32 years in the surveillance industry is a long time and with time comes EXPERIENCE and that is not something you gain in 5 minutes by putting up a website and calling yourself a ‘Private Investigator’. There are lots of genuine companies out there working hard and and offering a good service but check them out.

We are full members of the one of the biggest bodies in the industry, ‘The Association of British Investigators’ (ABI) who are endorsed by the Law Society. We hold professional Indemnity insurance (£1M of cover) and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

If you have a CHEATING PARTNER IN ESSEX and want to find out the truth then contact an Experienced Private Investigator for free friendly advice.

A cheating partner will cheat on you and


KSM Investigations
Private Investigator and Infidelity


At KSM Investigations, Surveillance is a very useful tool however there are initially cheaper options available to you before you commence long periods of surveillance. Physical surveillance is difficult and needs to be carried out by a Professional Company with years of Experience.

We have all seen those TV programs where it is all made to look very easy and the person being followed never uses their mirror or ever notices the same man or woman behind them. The flow of traffic is always perfect and the car doing the following sits directly behind the car they are following for hundreds of miles. Let’s be honest it works well for TV but obviously not in real life.

We tend to use various vehicles and personnel to observe someone discreetly. For example if we are working on a surveillance task in a city such as London then we will always try to use a Black London Taxi, Motor Cycle and foot operative/s. Budgets permitting of course. There is no way that one surveillance operative could follow someone moving around London covertly who is on and off of Buses, using the odd Black London Taxi here and there and walking around Oxford Street in and out of shops all day. With the best will in the world it is not going to happen there are too many variables.

Surveillance is available to all of our clients and we will work to a budget of what you can afford and give you the best options available to you. We appreciate if you are a corporate client you can afford to put a team on a task especially if there is a lot of money at stake. However we also appreciate that if you have a cheating partner then budgets may not be quite so high and we have to work with what you can afford to spend.

That being said to aid any observation we would always recommend a GPS vehicle tracker for an initial week and during any surveillance periods. This is a very cost effective way to monitor your cheating partner, employees, even your children. GPS Vehicle trackers can also be used for sales representatives, Lorries, vans and even motor bikes. We have magnetic trackers that can simply be attached to the underside of most vehicles. We can also hard wire the car if the car is made available to use. This will give you 24/7 Cover to see where the vehicle is. GPS Vehicle Tracking.

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