Spouse Cheating

If you suspect infidelity within your relationship then you are on the page you are looking for.

A Spouse cheating can be very un-settling and upsetting. You feel like your life is on hold. If you have a suspicion that your partner is cheating and you are looking at this page and searching others of similar content then they probably are. Lets not hang anyone however before we have 100% confirmation. Maybe there is an innocent answer? If you instruct us then we can either confirm your suspicions or put your mind at rest. It makes no difference to us as you pay for our time. We are totally independent and will report our findings factually. All are backed up by time and date stamped images.

Spouse Cheating

  • Here are a few simple things you can check that may help you.
  • Check their mileage. Does the mileage tally with where they say they have been?
  • Are they guarded with their mobile phone, emails and social Media?
  • There maybe hours that you cannot account for their whereabouts?
  • Check pockets and their vehicle for receipts. Car parks, restaurants, tolls, coffee shops anything that is out of the ordinary.
  • Have they started to change their appearance and suddenly lost a lot of weight. New underwear, and cloths are good indicator.
  • Have they stayed out all night? Have they hinted about going away for a long weekend or longer?
  • Do they work flexible hours?
  • Has there been a lot of overtime of late?
  • Watch their body language when they are around you?
  • Are they more argumentative?

Who Do I Talk With?

Do NOT confront your cheating spouse. Get the evidence to back up your suspicions. Whilst it can often be helpful to talk things through with your partner, this is NOT the case here. Our experience is that a Cheating Spouse will generally NOT admit to having an affair. Hard evidence needs to be available. 100% Proof.

Picture of a couple cheating beind the blinds 

Detective Agency and a Cheating Spouse

Having been Private Investigators for many years. Having carried out thousands or hours of physical covert surveillance often in relation to a Cheating Spouse. KSM Investigations are the people to talk to. At KSM we appreciate it talking to someone like us is sometimes difficult and worrying. We are very approachable and will not put you under any kind of pressure. We are not sales people we are a professional Detective Agency with years knowledge and experience.

If you want to know a little bit more about they way we conduct surveillance please see our link to surveillance.

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