Private Investigator Chelmsford

Private Investigator Chelmsford

Having been a surveillance operative for 32 years and run a successful company (KSM Investigations) since 1989. We believe that ‘Chelmsford Private Investigators‘ can assist you with your surveillance needs. We have covered surveillance tasks for various reasons including but not limited to, Infidelity, Cohabitation, Cheating Partners, theft, Employee disputes, Tribunals evidence, Personal Injury Claims, Statutory Sick pay (SSP) and even threats of violence and Drug dealers. We believe that having actually carried out surveillance tasks for 3 decades we are more than equipped to assist you with your needs.

We have been based near Chelmsford, Essex for many years and over that time have carried out many surveillance tasks in the Chelmsford area. We re actually based near Great Dunmow however we charge from the start of your surveillance task until the surveillance task ends. We do not charge travel time and nor do we charge mileage. We charge a standard hourly rate of £55 per hour + vat (Minimum 6 hour charge applies per period of surveillance)


Private Investigator Chelmsford. We are based just outside Chelmsford and t/a 'KSM Investigations'. Phone now for an immediate free no obligation quote.
Chelmsford Detective Agency. 32 years experience in surveillance. We can get the proof. Time and Date photographs provided together with a full detailed report.

We only offer the following services: ‘Surveillance‘, ‘GPS Vehicle Tracking‘ and ‘Process Serving‘. We specialise in surveillance and vehicle tracking goes hand-in-hand with surveillance as we often use GPS vehicle tracking devices as an aid to carrying out surveillance.

How does It work with Chelmsford Private Investigators:

We are usually found on the internet and or recommenced by our local Solicitor clients and past clients. Hopefully if you can you ring us or email us and we discuss your case in detail before putting a plan of action together between us that not only keeps costs down but gives us the best time to carry out a surveillance period.

Initially we would always recommend that we get a GPS tracking device onto the subject vehicle for at least a week to gain some intelligence prior to any surveillance period. You can have total access to this device and this will give us details of what time the vehicle departs and where from. At what location is the vehicle driven to and for how long does the vehicle stay at that location. We may then pick up on a regular meeting place and or home or business address of the other party.

Once we agree a period of surveillance this is generally carried out with 2 or more operatives. We always suggest the GPS vehicle tracker remains on the subject vehicle as this is a great aid in any physical surveillance task. Once we are carrying out surveillance we will be contactable throughout the task and you will be verbally updated throughout if you so wish. At the conclusion of the task you will be provided with not only a full detailed typed report but any time and date photos we are able to obtain whilst following the subject around.

We only take funds on account for one period of surveillance at a time on a pay as you go type plan, therefore if you are not entirely happy with the result you only pay for the first 6 hours or hours of initial engagement. It is therefore in our interest to go a good professional job for you and get you the best possible result so you are happy to use our services again and or your are happy to recommend us if the occasion arises.

Call us now for a free no obligation quote!

Although we cover Chelmsford we also cover the whole of Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and London.

Chelmsford Private Investigators are local to you and therefore we can respond quickly to your needs.

We appreciate that there are other Private Investigators working and saying that they cover Chelmsford, Essex however not all are as near as they appear. We are happy to meet with you in Chelmsford at any mutually agreeable time and or you can visit us at our home address near Dunmow.


Chelmsford Private Investigator

Private Investigator Chelmsford

Private Investigator in Chelmsford

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Chelmsford GPS GPS Chelmsford GPS in Chelmsford
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