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Matrimonial Surveillance in Essex

Carrying out a 'Matrimonial Surveillance in Essex' is something we have done many times before.

Our Instructions may have come from either the wife, the husband or maybe your Solicitor. Whoever the client is we carry out discreet surveillance and will guarantee a result if one is there to get.

By employing us to carry out a matrimonial surveillance in Essex to observe your Spouse we will be able to confirm their movements for you. We will be able to confirm at what time they left, where it is they went to and with whom. Obtain images that are time and date stamped to back up our full detailed report. If there is infidelity within your marriage we will confirm it and confirm who the other party is.

Having worked in and around Essex for many years we are well equipped to obtain the proof you need. Whilst carrying out a matrimonial surveillance in Essex is a useful means of confirming the subject’s movements and with who they are with we believe the cost effective way forward is to always place a GPS vehicle tracker onto their vehicle (We rent GPS Vehicle Trackers) and allow the tracker to monitor the subject’s movements for at least a week or two before any physical static or mobile observation of the subject. This will give you the client some invaluable data and keep your costs to a minimum.

Essex Adultery

Adultery happens everywhere of course and it can be hurtful if you need to prove your partner is committing adultery then we can document this for you and provide you with concrete proof of their infidelity by means of time and date photographic proof together with a very detailed report that is of course backed up by time and date stamped images. With local knowledge of Essex we are suitably located within the County of Essex we should be your first port of call if you want a professional job done by professional investigators.

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Infidelity In Essex

Infidelity is when your spouse breaks a promise to you by not remaining faithful to you. The promise can take many forms from breaking their marriage vows, or perhaps a broken private verbal agreement between lovers. Infidelity is common place and if it were not most Private Investigations companies that deal with Infidelity would not remain in business. When it does happen to you it can be painful, hurtful and you can loose all trust.

Can you rebuild the Trust, Can you forgive and forget and should you move on? That is a question only you can answer and we are not here to push you into anything you do not want to do. We simple establish if you partner is cheating on you or not. What you do with your findings is entirely up to you.

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