Cohabitation Surveillance in Chelmsford

We carry out Cohabitation Surveillance in Chelmsford Essex.

We have 32 years of experience in obtaining the evidence you require.

Cohabitation is not as cut and dry as you may think proof has to be good and there is no point in cutting corners if you want to prove to the Court that your partner is cohabitation then you need to make the right enquiries. We suggest covert surveillance, backed up by time and date stamped photos. If you are paying too much maintenance whilst all the time your x-partner is residing happily with someone else in your house then give us a call. We could save you a lot of money. We are competitive and will give the correct advise.

We also would always recommend you speak to a family Solicitor before engaging any Private Investigator and make sure you are clear in your own mind exactly what you need to do and how to do it the most cost effective way.

There is no point in using someone with little or no experience and then when it comes to them giving evidence if required they not up to the job. Obtaining the evidence is just the first part you need to have faith that the person who is to carry out the surveillance periods can do so professionally and covertly as if your partner gets wind then of course they may move out their new partner for a while until the finances are sorted. Also you need someone with years of experience to represent you in court not some young 17/20 year old lad who has just come into the industry. A good barrister will make them look stupid in Court.

Ask who will carry out the surveillance? What evidence they will get and how the evidence will be documented? How much experience they have? Are they going to be a good witness in Court?

You need to know if your going to spend money on obtaining the proof it is a good investment for you.

Cohabitation Surveillance could save you thousands






By spending now you could save thousands later. Speak to your Solicitor and then come back to us to get professional proof of cohabitation.

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