Asset Tracking

Global Positioning Systems, GPS vehicle and Asset tracking devices are commonplace now within the surveillance industry with the advancement of technology now making these devices relatively cheap.


The GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking unit however can only be deployed in conjunction with an on going surveillance task and should be removed as soon as possible at the conclusion of any physical surveillance. The use of such information is to aid the surveillance team only and the only people who should have access to the data is those specifically carrying out the surveillance task.

At no time will the GPS data be provided to our clients, this would be a breach of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ‘GDPR’, 2018. This is also in accordance with the best practices Guide and Policies of the Association of British Investigators, (ABI) of which we are full members.

The policy is specifically aimed at ABI members who are all bound by the ABI code of ethics.

The data would be inadmissible in court and therefore any data collected by the GPS vehicle tracker will never be considered as ‘evidence’ and will never be introduced to the evidence chain.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

These state of the art tracking systems will minimise any chance however of losing the Asset or subject and works in over 196 Countries. This elevates the need for operators to break road traffic laws, having the confidence of knowing even if they lose sight of the asset or the subject vehicle briefly they will be able to regain contact.

The confidential report would contain only ‘evidence’ of the physical surveillance. There will be no mention of the GPS device.

There is no current legislation that prevents the use, by an investigator in the private sector using a GPS tracking device (For example on a car) without the consent of the owner or user of that vehicle, provided that the surveillance is lawful, justified and proportionate and the processing of such data captured in its use complies with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations, 2018.

We would be happy to assist you with any physical surveillance requirements. GPS vehicle and asset trackers can only tell you so much, such as the location of the vehicle or asset. It can not of course obtain images and tell you where and with whom the subject has gone once they are away from their vehicle. We can!!!

GPS vehicle and Asset tracking

If you however have an asset you do not wish to loose or you need to track then these units are small and covert enough to fix to almost anything.



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