Are Private Investigators Licensed?

Are Private Investigators Licensed and should they be?

Currently Private investigators are not licensed. However many are members of an Associations such as the ABI (The Association of British Investigators)

Why should you look for an Investigator who is a member of such an organisation?  Well there are several reasons:

  1. They are Police Checked
  2. Investigators have to sit an exam
  3. Investigators are interviewed by their peers
  4. They hold Public Liability Insurance
  5. Also an ICO Certificate.

If you have to hire a Private Detective then it is best to seek one who is a member of some sort of association so you have some redress if needed.

Aways check the Detective Agency out and ask questions. Don’t part with money until you are happy with the service you will get and get everything in writing so you have proof of what you have been offered and what you expectations are.

Surveillance is an art and not something anyone can do. The person or persons you instruct need to be experience in mobile and static surveillance. They need to be competent with a camera and or camcorder and be prepared to attend court on your behalf should the need arise.

In our opinion we believe that all private Investigators should be licensed. This would stop the so called cowboys from operating and hiring their friend who may work elsewhere all week and help out at the weekend. Your not getting an experienced operative, far from it. So ask the question. Who will I get, can I contact them, what experience have they got. Are they prepared to back up their experience in the form of a statement and Affidavit for court. If not move on quickly.