GPS Vehicle Tracking

The latest technology in GPS Vehicle Tracking

We can locate your vehicle to within 5/10 meters. Once the GPS vehicle tracking unit is fitted to the subject vehicle we will allow you total access to a panel by way of a link. We will provide you with a personal password that will allow you to access the panel and then monitor the vehicles current location on a street level map 24/7. An address and postcode is also provided and if the vehicle is moving at the time you log on it is possible to see the unit moving on the map almost real time, usually between 5, 10, 30, seconds, or in minutes from 2 minutes to every 60 minutes we can set the parameters to suit your needs.

GPS Vehicle Tracking History

If you are out and about all day and are unable to monitor the  unit real time then you can at a later time or date download the history.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Geo-fence

If you have interest in a particular address or addresses then we can set an invisible fence (Geo-fence) around those addresses of interest. Once set, if the vehicle either enters of leaves the area of concern you will be notified by either text message on your mobile phone or email via your smartphone or home/work computer. Both if required.

We have the technology to locate any vehicle once installed with our GPS vehicle tracking system in 196 Countries. Therefore even if the vehicle is driven overseas we can still locate its position.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Works in 196 Countries

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for personal surveillance of anybody provided you have a legal right to place the device onto the subject vehicle. It could be a family car, company car and or company vehicle, your child’s car and or your own car or asset. The device can be used for surveillance, security or simply to make sure your children are safe and where they say they are. We can instal a hardwired device. We also can attach a tracker to the underside of most cars via magnet.

You dont necessarily have to bring the vehicle to us we can attach the GPS vehicle tracker on the underside of most cars covertly.

Your family car maybe being used by your partner and there maybe signs of infidelity. You think your partner is cheating but you are not sure. Cheap fast way to establish if he or she is where they say they are when out in their vehicle is to instal a GPS vehicle tracking system.

Your child may have just past their driving test and you want to observe their driving style, in particular their speeds. You may want to use the device as a security unit, in the event of a Theft, Breakdown or Accident. Your sales representative maybe not where they say they are. There are of course numerous reasons for the use of this fantastic piece of equipment.

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GPS vehicle tracking sytem. Very covert and very acurate.

                                                           GPS Vehicle Tracking Panel

The best way to catch someone out is by observing their movements from afar for a week or so prior to any costly periods of physical Surveillance. We would always recommend this course of action before observing someone physically. It can be a very cost effective way of establishing the truth.

The GPS locations gained can usually give our clients a lot of information prior to costly physical surveillance.

We also sell GPS vehicle tracking systems although some clients prefer to rent on a weekly basis.

We Rent as well as Sell.

GPS Vehicle tracking is a great aid to any physical surveillance and can save hundreds of pounds in wasted surveillance hours.


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